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Avir (Pty) Ltd is the sole agent for JAC forklifts, Kaishan Compressors and other industrial related products, specialising in the importation, servicing and distribution thereof.

Why JAC Forklifts?

Avir initially imported fifty JAC forklifts for our own use in 2007.  We deliberately sourced a forklift offering high quality, great durability, long service life and competitive pricing and were very impressed with the low service and maintenance costs, coupled with high reliability.  Having built a relationship with JAC Heavy-Duty Construction Machine Company (JAC), we became the sole agents of JAC Forklifts and Spares, providing the South African Market with a strong contender in the material handling sector at affordable prices.

JAC Forklifts

About JAC

JAC Heavy-Duty Construction Machine Company, a subsidiary of JAC Motors Group, was founded in 2003.  JAC is an ISO9001 certified forklift truck manufacturer, specialising in a variety of products, including diesel, petrol, electrical and gas forklift trucks, electric stackers, electric tow tractors, excavators, and other heavy duty machinery.  In order to increase the production capacity, JAC have established a production base that occupies an area of 133,000 square meters and is equipped with over 550 pieces of production and inspection equipment.  In 2013, JAC Motors Group will manufacture over 10,000 pieces of material handling equipment per year.

The JAC Forklift is sought after in many countries and regions, such as India, Russia, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Tunisia, Italy, Australia, Portugal, Venezuela, Algeria, and Afghanistan, to name but a few.


The Avir Service Promise

At Avir we understand that a forklift truck will only make money for your business when it is in action and we therefore place great importance on customer service and efficient spare parts supply.  JAC forklift trucks deliver peak productivity with minimum downtime and reliability is built into every product model.  We offer a 18months or 2000 hours warranty to give you complete peace of mind.  Avir has a rental fleet which can be hired on a fully maintained basis.


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