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Electric Forklift

CPD18J Electric 1.8 ton forklifts, 3 stage with 4.5m mast and full free, 1220mm fork size with special tyres that will not damage factory floors.

Electric forklifts are powered by electric motors, and operate via a robust traction battery with a long service life.

With electric forklifts you do not need to worry about the noise and exhaust gas pollution. This makes our electronic forklifts environmetally friendly as far as gas pollution is concerned.

  • 3 Stage Mast
  • CURTIS (AC) Control System
  • Pneumatic Tyres
  • Rain Cover of Overhead Guard
  • Seated Operator Type
  • Side Shift

Forklift Type: Electric
Maximum Height: 4.5m
Forklift Name: CPD18J
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