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Ergonomic Design – fits like a glove

JAC’s diesel forklifts are priced just right and with all these benefits you won’t want to purchase a forklift anywhere else. JAC’s adjustable steering wheel and fully adjustable seat, help to ensure comfortable driving position which is vital to avoiding driver fatigue. The forklift has tread plates and steps to make getting onto the forklift easy.

The rubber floor mat reduces vibration thereby assisting in stopping driver fatigue. All controls are easily accessed, and our large rear view mirrors give the operator a full view in all directions. Reverse buzzers are standard safety equipment to stop accidents with pedestrians.

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Why JAC’s Diesel Forklifts?

Electrical System

Simple electronics give the forklift operator all of the necessary information without a cluttered display. Our LCD display clearly shows the forklift hours and all faults. The electrical system is lean and built for Africa, so we don’t have any fancy sensors that can break, and stop the forklift from operating all day long. Fuses are simple to replace and are all in one place for easy access.


JAC masts are manufactured with the highest quality. JAC uses Cascade sideshifts as standard. Hydraulic hoses are placed to avoid being damaged, and have high quality fittings. Masts start at 3m and go up to 5.5m high. Full free or container masts are available as well as triplex and duplex masts.

What is a forklift without a strong hydraulic system? It is for this reason that JAC has created a hydraulic system that we are proud of. Lifting is done with two main outer cylinders, tilting with two strong tilt-cylinders. Full free cylinders are provided with all of our container and triplex masts. Hydraulics are kept away from your load and are tensioned to make sure they stay that way. Ascending and descending with or without a load is fast. Steering is easy with our power steering giving the operator good control of the unit.

Keeping it cool

Efficient radiators will keep your machine cool. A daily inspection is always critical to make sure your radiator is topped up with anti freeze and water. Once you’ve checked that, you’re well on your way. The highly efficient 5 and 6 blade fan configurations will work their magic and keep your machine cool all day long, ensuring heat is well dissipated and your air flow is strong.

Built tough

JAC forklifts are built tough. In Africa where we are only too used to excuses, this forklift is not going to be the thing that lets you down. The simplicity of its design, should show you how great products should be built. This is not a toy. It has an important job to do for you and will keep on running in the most punishing of environments.

Keeping it clean

Diesel emissions are harmful to employees and our environment. JAC forklifts come with platinum catalysts to reduce emissions and help to create a safer work environment. Most of our engines will comply with EURO 2 emissions requirements, with the balance exceeding this high standard. Our units also come standard with a pre-filter. One more way we are ahead of the others.

 Special orders 8-12 week lead time. Forklifts comes standard with 3m lift height, 2 stage, side shift, solid tyres with 1220mm fork

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