Forklift Engines

The heart and soul of our forklifts

Complete Engines

We stock complete, original Xinchai engines including:

  • Refurbished engines
  • Xinchai NC485BPG (CPCD18)
  • Xinchai C490BPG (CPCD20 to CPCD30)
  • Xinchai A495BPG (CPCD35)
  • Xinchai C498BPG (CPCD40)
  • Xinchai A498BT1 (CPCD30 Special Edition to CPCD40)
  • Xichai FAWDE CA6110 (CPCD50L to CPCD100)


Engine Refurbishment

We also offer engine trade-ins, as well as complete engine overhauls by our team of qualified JAC technicians. Call us so our experts can fix it right the first time.

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