CPCD35R (3.5 ton) SE 4x2

Diesel Forklift
  • rough terrain forklift
  • rough terrain forklift

JAC’s Diesel Rough Terrain Forklift:

  • Excellent inlet system design – inlet system provided with double air filters that prolong service life of engine while the working condition is poor.
  • Independent radiator for engine and torque converter improves heat balance of the system and prolongs service life.
  • High performance engine – Regular YANMAR 4TNE98 engine featuring advanced technology, stable performance and has reached EURO III emission regulation.
  • Load sensing hydraulic system – Load-sensitive hydraulic system ensures the fork to lift with full load while the engine is running idly so as to reduce fuel consumption for this rough terrain forklift.
  • Regular LED for outdoor operation at night – Double LED headlamps, Single LED rear light, Rear combined LED lights, Warning lights, Elegant design and application to field operation where the lighting is poor.
  • Large ground clearance – Minimum ground clearance reaches 263mm.
  • Off-road performance – The driving wheels feature large diameter, deep pattern and wide section for excellent off-road performance.
  • Self-rescue – The transmission case is provided with a differential lock for self-rescue in case the rough terrain forklift is trapped in muddy ground.
  • High safety and reliability – Integrated cover of fuel and oil to reduce leak.
  • OPS seat – The forklift fails in moving and the mast fails in rising once the driver has left the seat.
  • Manual brake for safety – The forklift will not move until the manual brake has been activated.
  • Comfortable drive – Low vibration. Industry-leading three-level shock absorption.
  • Convenient maintenance – Return oil filter is located outside of the body for easy replacement and washing.
  • 2-Piece Selector Valve
  • Air Cleaner Clogging Alarm
  • Back-up Buzzer
  • Backrest
  • Backup Light
  • Cable Type Parking Brake
  • Combination Taillight
  • Cooland Temperature Gauge
  • Cyclone Air Cleaner
  • Direction Switch
  • Drawbar Pin
  • Durable Rib Tire
  • Electric Horn
  • Engine Choke
  • Four Off Road Herringbone Tires
  • Full Hydraulic Power Steering
  • Handle
  • Headlight
  • Hour Meter
  • Hydraulic Oil Scale
  • Hydraulic Return Filter Element
  • Hydraulic Suction Filter Element
  • Independent Hydraulic Oil Radiator
  • Intergrated Handle
  • Key Switch
  • Lamp Bracket
  • LCD Instrument Cluster
  • LED Lamps
  • Lift/Tilt Lever
  • Lift Circuit Governor Valve
  • Light Switch
  • Oil Pressure Alarm
  • OPS Seat
  • Overhead Air Intake System
  • Pointer Type Instrument Cluster
  • Rain Cover of Overhead Guard
  • Rocker Switch 2WD/4WD
  • Rocker Type Parking Brake
  • Rubber Pedal Pad
  • Seated Operator Type
  • Side Mirror
  • Tiltable Cab
  • Tilt Ajustable Steering Wheel
  • Tilt Circuit Self-Locking Valve
  • Toolkit
  • Turn Signal Light
  • Two Constant Displacement Motor
  • Variable Displacement Piston Pumps
  • WFOV Mast
Capacity: 3500kg at 500mm load center
Lift Height: 4.5 meter
Mast Type: 3-Stage triplex with side-shift function
Seat: Advanced suspension
Tyre Type: Pneumatic
Forks Size: 1520mm
Forklift Type: Diesel
Forklift Name: CPCD35R (3.5 ton) SE 4x2
Engine: Xinchai 4D32-GZ31
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